Western Digital Introduces 4TB RAID Edition Hard Disk Drives. – X-bit Labs

Western Digital on Thursday revitalized schedule of 3.5″ RAID Edition disk drive with brand-new capabilities in addition to distinct five-platter modern technology, therefore dramatically boosting storage space thickness for multi-drive services. The brand-new disk drives supply capabilities as much as 4TB and also included either Serial ATA or Serial Attached SCSI interfaces.The brand-new type of Western Digital RAID Edition (RE)disk drive are based upon 800MB plates and also could be geared up by approximately 5 of such plates to offer as much as 4TB capability factors for high-density RAID storage space solutions.More at Western Digital Introduces 4TB RAID Edition Hard Disk Drives.-X-bit Labs

Toshiba’s NAND/HDD hybrid drives – ElectronicsWeekly.com

Toshiba is tasting 2 2.5-inch kind variable Hybrid Drives which incorporate NAND as well as hdds blink memory in a solitary unit.They been available in 2 thickness – 1Tbyte and also 750Mbyte.

The drives utilize 8GB NAND blink memory as a cache memory to sustain broadband information throughput.As an outcome, review and also compose times have to do with 3 times faster compared to in Toshiba disk drive with comparable capacities.As an outcome, check out as well as compose times have to do with 3 times faster compared to in Toshiba disk drive with equal capacities.More at Toshiba ' s NAND/HDD crossbreed drives – ElectronicsWeekly.com

More at Hybrid hard disk drives may revive notebook market – Electronics News

Hybrid disk drive might be the transitional action in between the standard spinning disk magnetic hard disk drive, as well as totally strong state drives (SSD). While it was anticipated for magnetic hard drives to pave the way for strong state drives, the expense of pure memory-based storage space versus the capability supplied by these services positioned a trouble for Ultrabook manufacturers, as they resisted tablet devices.Ultrabooks, which are super-thin laptop computers, presently make use of a disk drive which has a SSD as cache. This tool is 7mm thick, however still thought about slow-moving as well as well thick compared with the instant-on tablets.More at Hybrid disk drive could restore note pad market-Electronics News